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Vaginal Tightening Treatment

At INTIMAGE, we place equal importance in being youthful and taut inside and out. To this end, we have introduced a revolutionary annual maintenance programme for female intimate health and sexual well being. A single 30 to 60-minute session brings about treatment results that last a year. The procedure is clinically proven to be safe and effective. This non-invasive treatment utilizes monopolar radiofrequency technology to deliver three levels of pulsed energy that penetrates 5mm into the vaginal tissue, resulting in targeted tightening of the outer and middle sections of the vaginal canal. The procedure is proven to be effective in treating vaginal laxity and enhancing female sexual well being. A sterile, single-use probe is used for each treatment. The procedure is painless, requiring no anesthesia or recovery period; patients may resume work and daily activities immediately.

【重視性健康,守護私密處】#Viveve #產後陰道鬆弛 #美國修陰機 #收陰機 #一次治療緊緻一年

【重視性健康,守護私密處】#Viveve #產後陰道鬆弛 #美國修陰機 #收陰機 #一次治療緊緻一年

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